Lobby/Plaza Updates
The following construction updates will inform you what is coming up this week (December 15 - December 22):

• Final hook up of all lights to be completed including aiming and adjustments.
• Continue security desk installation.
• Install garage elevator indicator lights.
• Continue travertine caulking.
• Complete installation of metal panels.
• Complete new stone stairs to retail including the handrail.
• Install stone flooring in mailroom corridor after hours. Access to mailroom will remain open during business hours.
• Complete final geofoam installation.
• Continue installation of pedestal pavers.
• Receive final planter soil delivery for Phase 1 & 2.
• Complete metal panels on portal.
• Complete Phase 3 waterproofing.
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Tabor Center Lobby and Plaza Remodel

Callahan Management is happy to announce that the Tabor Center is remodeling the Grand Lobby and Plaza areas. We are excited to provide Tenants and visitors with a fresh, modern interior which includes completely new lighting, floors, walls and a new security desk.

The Lobby construction began in the first quarter of 2017, followed by the Plaza project in early May. The project is scheduled to be complete by the end of the year. Please check out the photos below of the progress. Weekly emails are sent to tenant contacts, however the information will also be posted to this website; check back often for updates!